Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

What is Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery to remove excess tummy skin and fat is abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. It tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall too. This surgery flattens the abdomen and increases both appearance and self-esteem. This technique is often considered useful to a degree in eliminating stretch marks.

Is tummy tucking the answer to your problem?

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery is acceptable for both men and women who are in good health. However, liposuction is not to be confused with tummy reduction surgery. However, as part of tummy reduction surgery, liposuction is often done to hold the fat away.

In Thrissur, Kerala abdominoplasty is also an effective procedure for women who gained a lot of weight in their pregnancies, and because of multiple pregnancies, the skin is stretched. After birth, the weight goes with the skin loss stays, and tummy reduction surgery may help reduce the skin and tighten the muscles. Men and women who at some stage in their lives, have become very obese and have now lost weight by exercise and surgery. The tummy tuck operation will then help to tone up the loose skin in the abdominal region.

Tummy tuck kerala
Time Required2-5 Hours
AnesthesiaGeneral Anesthesia
Pain LevelModerate, well managed with medicine
Hospital Stay1-2 days
Flyback5-7 Days
Success RateVery High
ResultMajor difference visible immediately Final result 6 to 8 months
DietNo restriction, maintain your weight for best result
tummy tuck thrissur

Abdominoplasty you get a curvaceous abdominal shape. Advance modification of tummy tuck gives simultaneous lifting of the Mons pubis (genitalthigh, and butt are conducted.

Permanent Fat Removal

Liposuction is a part of Lipo-abdominoplasty removes the fat permanently.

Improving posture

It improves exaggerated curve of back and improve the posture.

Improving Health

For the overweight or obese patients, it is a good way to start for a new healthy lifestyle. When Abdominoplasty result is maintained with a healthy lifestyle accentuate further weight loss and will improve your overall health.

Enhancing Other Body Parts

Once liposuction is performed on one area of your body, you can get a fat transfer to enhance another area, a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) or want to enlarge your breast, nano fat graft is used for facial rejuvenation and structural fat graft to improve facial features. You can do it with the fat transfer instead of opting for any kind of implants. It is a much safer method.

Improving your hygeine

Skin fold are removed, so, skin condition in crevices improves.  Cleaning and personal hygiene improves.

Improving your confidence

You feel good once you are back to original shape, your self-confidence increases

Improving your grooming

You can have wider choice of grooming and clothing

Improving your social life

You are ready to intermingle socially. It boosts your social life and carrier

Improving your private life

It boost your private life

You may be a candidate for abdominoplasty surgery if you:

  • Have a persistent baby bump or lower abdominal POOCH after pregnancy
  • Have separated and weak abdominal muscles which could be a result of pregnancy or due to excess weight gain or loss.
  • Have a saggy and loose abdominal skin.
  • Have thin inelastic skin with multiple stretch marks
  • Are unable to lose weight with exercise and diet from the front and sides of the abdomen.
  • Now maintaining stable weight.
  • Physically fit to undergo surgery.
  • Family is completed.
  • Have realistic expectations from the abdominoplasty surgery
  • You are mentally prepared for surgery and recovery

It is very necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle to maintain the results of the procedure.

  • It leaves a cut mark below bikini line. However modern medical treatment can make it inconspicuous. It you love tattoo. You can hide it with beautiful tattoo.
  • It can remove lowerstretch mark only depending on amount of extra skin. Upper abdominal stretchmarks will come at lower level which can be hide easily. Fractional co2 laser and PRP treatment help to improve stretch marks.
  • Visceral fat can not be removed during tummy tuck surgery.
  • One has to maintain healthy lifestyle for long tern good result

virtual  consultation with doctor prince

  • As every patient structure is different and everyone has a different goalfor the tummy tuck surgery. Personalised consultation helps to define your goal and outcomes of the tummy tuck surgery. At the time of consultation, you are free to ask questions to Dr prince and he will answer your every query related to your Tummy tuck surgery.

    You come to know about: –

    • Is tummy tuck for you or not?
    • Is it safe for you?
    • What is there specifically for you in terms of tummy tuck surgery type, duration of surgery.
    • The realistic goal and achievable outcomes of the abdominoplasty surgery
    • Lipoabdominoplasty surgery risk & recovery
    • Preoperative preparation and post-operative care for the tummy tuck surgery.
    • Total cost of your tummy tuck surgery.
    • What is your comfort level with the liposuction surgery?

    To get best from your tummy tuck surgery consultation

    It is good to make a list of important questions before proceeding for the consultation step. So you won’t miss addressing any of your concerns. The patient care coordinator is always there to help you.

    You should give a brief your cosmetic surgeon about:

    1. Your area of concern
    2. What result you expect as you can take representative photographs
    3. Your obstrect or child birth history
    4. Your weight gain, weight loss history
    5. Your lifestyle including diet habit and physical activity
    6. Any medical conditions & medical treatments
    7. Any supplements such as vitamins, fat burner, herbal treatments or nutritional supplements
    8. Alcohol, smoking, tobacco, and drug uses,
    9. Drug allergies
    10. Previous surgeries, particularly body contouring surgery.
    11. Your surgical goals, you can take your end goal photographs for reference.

    Your tummy tuck surgeon will evaluate the following:

    • Fat distribution in the area of your concern.
    • Skin quality
    • Underlying muscle tone
    • Your general health status and any pre-existing health conditions or risk factors.

    Tummy tuck surgeon will discuss:

    • Your surgery options, which is best tummy tuck type to achieve your goal.
    • May mark on your body to explain the extent of the tummy tuck surgery. like area of liposuction, amount of skin will be removed expected length of scar and its location
    • Tummy tuck surgery result and recovery
    • Will show tummy tuck surgery “before and after” photographs of his operated patients.
    • May take your photographs and show edited photos, help you to visualize achievable liposuction results.
    • Potential risks or complications.
    • Tummy tuck surgery cost for you.
    • Preoperative planning like fitness test and preoperative preparation.

There are many variation and sub variations of tummy tuck surgery. It is the job of an expert cosmetic plastic surgeon to evaluate your tissue condition and plan best match surgery to give you desired abdominal shape

Plan for Tummy tuck surgery in men and women as both have different body structure

  • Mini Tummy Tuck / endoscopic tummy tuck
  • Standard/Traditional Tummy Tuck
  • Lipoabdominoplasty/Brazilian tummy tuck
  • Extended Tummy Tuck
  • Torsoplasty – 360 Degree Tummy Tuck
  • Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Belt Plasty, Lower Body Lift
  • Dermolipectomy/Panniculectomy
  • Fleur De Lis Tummy Tuck

Type-1: Mini Tummy Tuck

For simplification,umbilicus is in centre of the abdomen, skin is there above and below it. When only skin below the umbilicus is extra, can be removed through the shorter scar. there would be no need for a scar around the umbilicus. A young post pregnantlady with good muscle tone and limited stretch mark is good candidate for mini tummy tuck surgery

If skin is in good condition, but muscle tone is weak, there is a need to plicate muscle up to chest bone. That can be done with the help of an endoscope, which is called endoscopic or endoscopic assisted abdominoplasty surgery.

When umbilicus is situated high on abdomen, very little skin is extra above the umbilicus, Floating Umbilicus technique can be applied without an umbilical surrounding scar. The umbilicus is detached from the underlying muscle and fixed at the new lower more appropriate location.

Mini tummy tuck or short scar is very attractive options but it has its own limitations. If performed without proper indication with only short scar motive, one may get awful result and regret in long term

Type-2: Standard Tummy Tuck/Full Tummy Tuck/Traditional Tummy Tuck

When a patient has a weakened abdominal muscle or they experience abdominal wall laxity, they may be a candidate for standard tummy tuck surgery.

First the skin cut is made low in the abdomen. Skin and fat undermined extensively. Wide skin flap is elevated till the chest bone.Diastasisof recti is repaired, the muscle edges are sutured together, thereby tucking in the loose abdominal wall. Sutures can also be placed on the facia of the abdominal oblique muscle of the abdominal wall to create a further tightening of the muscle and create the narrowness of the waist line.

Now skin is pulled down as much as possible and extra skin is cut. Free edge is sutured at l the lower ends. During this process, the extra skin along with stretch marks are removed maximally


  • Patient has to remain bend and walk bending for long time.
  • Comparatively large amount of fat stays back
  • chances of complication are more

With the advent of Advanced liposuction use of classical tummy tuck is gradually reducing

Type-3: Lipoabdominoplasty/Brazilian Tummy Tuck

Abdominal fat has two components one has those fat that occurs beneath the skin and above the muscles of the abdominal wall. This fat is known as “pinchable fat,” and another component is that fat that occurs beneath the abdominal muscles surrounding viscera known as visceral fat. Thus, non-pinchable and pinchable fat is removed with liposuction.

In lipoabdominoplasty, pinchable fat and somatic fat are removed with advance liposuction and only the central part of the skin flap is dissected for muscle tightening.

Advantages of the Lipoabdominoplasty over standard tummy tuck are as follows:

  • Fat is removed with advance liposuction results in a thinner abdomen.
  • Liposuction sculpts the abdomen gives the more contoured natural looking flat abdomen.
  • Skin slides better so more skin is excised.
  • Skin sliding with vascularity maintained and thus it is safer.
  • Scar can be planned at lower level quite below bikini line.
  • Skin is not under much tension so scar will heal faster.
  •  Scar will not widen with time as tension on scar line is less.
  • As the skin tightens over the time, so the resultant scar is short
  • A patient can walk straight on the same day, instead of bending unlike the standard tummy tuck
  • Mons pubis also repositioned a gets tighter at a youthful level.
  • Advanced technology such as Vaser “Liposelection” target only fat with a very minimal effect on the blood vessels, nerves, and structural tissues, which makes lipoabdominoplasty quite safer.
  • A variation is High tension lipoabdominoplasty also tightens thigh skin and gives thigh lift, but it has some limitations.

Lipoabdominoplasty Limitations

  1. Well expirience surgeon. One must be knowing from where to remove and where not to remove fat and where to stop liposuction.
  2. He must be very gentle to do suction.
  3. Use of advance liposuction technology like vaser cost more

Type-4: Extended Tummy Tuck

Normally tummy tuck incision extends from one hip bone to another one. As such no one wants a cut or surgery. But when there is extra skin on the lateral abdomen or a large amount of fat on laterally (big love handle), one has to extend the incisionbeyond hip to remove and tighten the abdominal skin, which is called an extended tummy tuck. Such tummy tuck surgery in man or woman also lifts the lateral thigh skin.

Type-5: Torsoplasty – 360 Degree Tummy Tuck

When lipoabdominoplasty is combined with liposuction of back, bra roll and hip area, it is called torsoplasty, which gives narrow waist line. One can get hourglass shape or “V” shape torso.

Type-6: Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Belt Plasty, Lower Body Lift

After massive weight loss or a large amounts of fat liposuction, there is evident extra skin on backside also. To remove this extra skin, an incision is made till back and meet each other in the mid line, which is called circumferential or belt lipectomy. It also tightens the lateral thigh skin and lifts the butt.

1. Preoperative Preparation:

You should be in your optimum health for a safe and smooth recovery

Once you decide to go ahead with surgery you are advised the following:

  1. Complete your body check-up test
  2. Any medical condition like diabetes or hypertension should be under control.
  3. Quite smoking as advised by surgeon
  4. Any nutritional support or on-counter medicineshould be stopped
  5. You will be given detail instruction before surgery
  6. The abdominoplasty surgeon team is always there to guide you in case of any confusion.

2. On Admission at the Cosmetic Surgery Center

Please inform about:

  1. Recent illness like common cold, fever, urinary tract infection or any other seasonal illness
  2. Your medical ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, thyroid or any other illness
  3. Any ongoing medication
  4. Past history of any major illness, hospitalization, trauma, or surgery
  5. Drug or any other allergy
  6. Family history of any significant illness like blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac ailment, cancer, G 6 PD deficiency, thyroid, thalassemia, bleeding disorder, or any other illness.

The Cosmetic Surgeon Will:

  • Listen to your concerns and explain to you again about the surgery
  • Discuss your goal of abdominoplasty surgery
  • Your physical fitness is also evaluated (you will also be examined by anesthesiologist for physical fitness)
  • Will mark the operative area with your active participation. This is useful as guidelines in the procedure.
  • Preoperative medications will be started.
  • The preoperative formalities are done.


On the day of surgery, again lipoabdominoplasty plan is discussed again. Meticulous marking is done for liposuction area, skin incision, muscle tightening. The low placement of the suture line is done.

In the Operation Theater


Usually done under general anesthesia


Liposuction is a part of modern tummy tuck surgery. The surgery begins with tumescent infiltration and Vaser Liposuction of somatic fat/or localized fat deposits is done. In case of torsoplasty, first, back liposuction is done.


Skin is pulled up and low incision under bikini line is taken. The length depends on the amount of extra skin to be removed for tightened abdomen. The skin flap is elevated from the underlying muscle and umbilicus is left attached to the muscle. As much aspossible, the skin is excised to give good abdominal shape.

Muscle Tightening

The separated rectus muscle is plicated in a mid-line from below the chest bone to the pubic bone. If needed lateral plication of the oblique muscle is done to further tighten muscles to give the hourglass shape of the tummy.

Transposition of Umbilicus

The umbilicus is fixed to the underlying muscle at the aesthetically appropriate location. A hole is created in a skin flap at the same location. The umbilicus is fixed to the skin flap in such a manner that the suture line goes deep in an invisible position.

Deep sitted umbilicus looks natural Umbilicalus shape can be discussed and plan Like vertical shape oval shape or round shape.

If the umbilicus is highly positioned and skin above the umbilicus is not much extra, floating the umbilicus technique can be used to avoid circum polar scarring.

Mons pubis lift: Vulva and external genitalia hang due to the laxity of skin post-pregnancy and post-weight loss. Mons is pulled up and fixed at a higher level.

Skin Closure:

Skin suturing is done in layers with buried suture. Care is taken that the suture line remains below the bikini line. One should be able to wear a swimsuit easily.

Finishing Liposuction

Minor asymmetry is corrected and sculpting of the abdomen is done. Extra fluid is aspirated.

With drain or Drain less Abdominoplasty

Before closure, the drain is used and fixed depending on the surgical extent to drain out the fluid and broken fat. When the drain is not used, it is called drain less abdominoplasty. The tissue of the abdominal wall is sutured with quilting suture so tissue stitch to each other faster. However, drainless technique takes longer time and so anesthesia time.

Tummy tuck Immediate Recovery

  • You will be shifted to the recovery room.
  • Once you’ve awakened fully from the anesthesia you will be shifted in room.
  •  You can go home next day.
  • You will be provided with pressure garments and post-surgical care instructions.
  • Doctor prince and the surgical staff will be there to assist you.

Abdominoplasty Surgery Result depends on

  • Extent of the surgery.
  • Individual healing process.
  • Technique and technology used,
  • purpose, and the end goal of the surgery and
  • Operating surgeon’s hand to a very extent.

One must follow cosmetic surgeon advice to get best result. You can see Tummy tuck surgery result as follows

  • Immediately: There is a huge difference in your contour. Imagine how delighted your new look will be?
  • 1st week: Some swelling will be there, closed drainage will have more swelling. whereas open drainage will have less swelling,
  • 1st MONTH:Major result is visible over a month as the majority of the swelling has been reduced now.
  • 6th -8th MONTHS: A complete result of tummy tuck surgery in men or woman will be visible
  • 8th-12th MONTHS: Collagen synthesis and skin tightening take place.
  • The lipoabdominoplasty surgery result is faster with open drainage technique compared to closed drainage technique.
  • In most of the patient, fat cell can increase in size but can’t multiply. Fat rarely comes back in the abdominal wall area.
  • There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the best and permanent results.
  2. DIET
    Take as much liquid as possible once you are comfortable. We maintain our patients on a liquid diet on the day of surgery, which is subsequently advanced the following day to a soft regular diet. As such there is no restriction on diet, but to achieve better result and sound recovery, we recommend high protein, low fat and low carbohydrate diet. Please watch your weight. Try to stay 1-3 pounds lighter than your pre-surgical weight.
    Keep the head of the bed elevated at an angle of 45 degrees to help maximise postoperative comfort. You can change your position and turn side by side. Keep your legs moving in bed.
    You are advised to walk as much as possible on the day of evening once you are conscious. One can do office like job within 1week .One can do heavy gym and jerky activity after 1-2 month. You can do cardio like activity in 2-3weeks.
    One will have numbness around the Liposuction area on the day of surgery. Pain is easily managed by pain killers; one will feel like something is done. One will feel stretching and pain while changing position. You will have soreness on pressing the operative site. When liposuction done, one may develop swelling and bruise mark at private part, will go in 2 to 3 weeks.
    Usually we follow the open drainage technique. Injected tumescent fluid, residual fat, broken tissue will come out from the tiny punctures and it will be blood stained. So tissue reaction, swelling bruising and pain will be less, and recovery will be faster. Amount and duration of the fluid discharge depends on the area of surgery and extent of fat removal. Normally it stops in a day or two. In case of mega liposuction it may last longer. In the dressing will be done. And you will be taught how to take care of dressing before discharge. Mild bruising may occur for 3 weeks after tummy tuck. If there is excessive bleeding or swelling or pain unrelieved by medication, please call the doctor immediately
    • 3 weeks -24 hours-can remove for bath and put back with seam on the outside.
    • 3 weeks-10 to 12 hours
    • Avoid bending, Avoid wrinkle, wet cloth
    • Tighten the cloth if it becomes loose
      One may develop swelling distal to pressure garment on limb due to pressure, on removing pressure garment for short time swelling will reduce. Wash in normal tap water. Don’t squeeze-avoid drier and sunlight- don’t iron -don’t hang.
    Take bath after discharge of fluid is stopped after permission of doctor. (No bath in Bath tub). Make area dry and cover the wound with bandage. You may wash and dry the garment at the same time that you are showering.
    One can see huge the difference in shape immediate after surgery, although it is a partial result. Initial 7 to 10 days there will increase in swelling so result will be less visible. Over one month you will see most of the result as swelling reduces. Improvement in shape and skin tightening goes on for 6 to 8 month.
    After the discharge, you have to do postoperative visit at 3 days, 7 days,15 days and then after 1 month.
    It is advisable to visit the clinic at 3 and 6months after the operation. Inform doctor, if swelling, redness pain, hardness etc..

Likewise any surgical procedure, tummy tuck surgery in men and women also has some risks and complications.

There are 2 most important factors that reduce the risk & complications mentioned below:

  1. Expert tummy tuck surgeon and
  2. NABH Accredited cosmetic surgery center with an overnight facility

The risk of complications increases WHILE r doing multiple procedures at the same operation session.

 Tummy tuck Surgery specific complications:

  • Bleeding: it is very rare as, blunt cannula is used for liposuction
  • Infection: Surgical site infection is rare but possible. A severe skin infection may be life-threatening.
  • Fluid accumulation: Accumulation of fluid is called a seroma. Small seroma gets absorbed by itself. This fluid may need to be drained with a needle. Open drainage technique reduces seroma
  •  Wound healing problem; when skin is suture too tight or fat layer is thick, or patient is a smoker, wound healing problem can take place., which delays recovery may need revision surgery.
  • Contour irregularities: Skin may look irregular, bumpy, or wavy due to uneven fat removal, poor healing, or thinly stretched skin. These changes may be permanent. Even difficult to reduce with revision
  • Spot/ pigmentations: Skin may appear spotted, but rarely does it become permanent.
  • Numbness: One may have temporary or permanent numbness in the operative area.
  • Hyperesthesia: due to temporary nerve irritation is also possible.
  • Fat embolism: Again very rare, can happen with mega liposuction. Broken fat may travel through the blood and gather in the lungs or to the brain. A fat embolism is a medical emergency.
  • Kidney and heart problems: As a large quantity of fluid is injected and suctioned out as it can cause potentially life-threatening kidney, heart, or lungs problem.
  • Lidocaine toxicity: Lidocaine is an anesthetic drug in infiltration fluid. Although it is safe, in a rare circumstance, lidocaine toxicity can occur, causing serious heart and central nervous system problems.
  • Internal puncture: It is extremely rare. A cannula can go too deep, may puncture an internal organ. This may require emergency surgical repair.

Anaesthesia related complications:

Small reaction to major reaction or fluid imbalance can happen. And it is rarest rare death can happen.

For a safe & comfortable tummy tuck surgery recovery it is needed to:

  1. Follow your surgeon’s guidelines
  2. Take prescribed medicinesregularly
  3. Visit the cosmetic surgery clinic as advised.

Tummy tuck surgery recovery depends on the extent of surgery, the technology used, and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon, and your general health.

A patient coming from another city or country should plan to arrive in Mumbai, India at least 1 full day before surgery and to stay in Mumbai for a minimum of 5-7 days post-operatively.

Pain – pain is mild to moderate, like caesarian section or any abdominal surgery. One must know associated pain or discomforts are just for a couple of days that improves with time.Pain medication protocol will reduce your pain a lot.

Diet – No restriction on diet, however, you are advised to maintain the weight to achieve the best lipoabdominoplasty result. Of course, a high protein diet enhances a faster recovery.

Bruise – Bruising lasts for 2-3 weeks and it is comparatively quite less with an open drainage technique.

Daily Activity– One Can Start as Following:

  • Walking: Same Day, Walk as Much as Possible
  • Office Work: 5-5 Days
  • Driving: 7-10 Days
  • Cardio Activities: 2-3 weeks Days
  • Heavy Exercise and Jerky Activity: After 2 -3 Months

Pressure Garment: –

  • Reduce pain, swelling
  • Reduces the chance of seroma as well as other complications.
  • Help in adapting new contours sculpted by the Lipoabdominoplasty.
  • Help skin to retrace.

One Has to Wear Compression Garment for:

  • 3 weeks 24/7 that can be removed at the time of taking a shower.
  • 3 more weeks for 10-12 hours a day.
  • For small liposuction, duration is shorter while for Mega liposuction duration may be longer.

Pressure garments care

  • Avoid wrinkles
  • Wash in normal water,
  • don’t squeeze it
  • Don’t iron or dry in sunlight

Massage/ lymphatic drainage 

  • Some doctor advises for faster recovery and start after 1 to 2 week of surgery.
  • Some time it is painful and cumbersome and time consuming.
  • Compared to closed technique, open drainage technique all broken fat and fluid is drain out, there is quite low tissue reaction and less edema. So massage or any machine
  • Dr Prince is a consultant plastic surgeon here
  • Specially designed with good ambience for cosmetic surgery patients.
  • Allure Medspa, Cosmetic surgery clinic is at the heart of the Bollywood, Andheri, which is easy to commute for pre- and post-operative visits. While away from the glittering world, Thrissur cosmetic surgery center assures you about the utmost privacy.
  • Sushrutha plastic surgery is NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers). It assures you about the best medical practice, safety, and comfortable recovery. We follow a stringent medical protocol for your safety.
  • Well equipped with an advance lifesaving armamentarium
  •  thrissur cosmetic surgery Centre is with night stay facility. If you are opting for major surgery like tummy tuck, it makes your transformation journey a safe and comfortable one
  • Tumescent, VASERand Power-assisted liposuction in Kerala, India. All energy based liposuction technology under one roof for lipoabdominoplasty.
  • The staffs at the cosmetic surgery centre are well-experienced to take all the post-operative care. They patiently guide you taking post-operative care of yourself before discharging to make your journey of fine to fabulous ,a pleasant experience.
  • You will homely at Sushrutha plastic surgery centre.
  • You can have cosmetic surgery consultation from anywhere in India or abroad
  • Patient care coordinator is there to address any concern immediately and coordinate with the medical team to make your tummy tuck surgery planning, recovery smooth and safer.
  • If you are coming from outstation, we have special facilitation planning

We Are Committed To Make Your Fine to Fabulous Journey a Memorable

Dr Prince’s average cost on various tummy tuck surgery cost at  Cosmetic Surgery centre, Thrissur, Kerala is as Below:

Types of Tummy TuckCost (INR)
Mini Tummy TuckINR 60000 to 100000
Endoscopic Tummy TuckINR 130000 to 150000
Standard/Traditional Tummy TuckINR 100000 to 140000
Lipoabdominoplasty/Brazilian Tummy TuckINR 120000 to 140000
Extended Tummy TuckINR 130000 to 150000
Torsoplasty – 360 Degree Tummy TuckINR 160000 to 180000
Circumferential Tummy Tuck, Belt Plasty, Lower Body LiftINR 180000 to 220000
Dermolipectomy/PanniculectomyINR 120000 to 200000
Fleur De Lis Tummy TuckINR 200000 to 2500000
  1. Revision tummy tuck surgery costs will be more.
  2. Tummy tuck after previous liposuction cost will be more
  3. Associated large volume or Mega liposuction surgery cost would be more.