A chin could make all the difference to your face. It completes the shape of your face. Often, people judge you by your chin. A receding chin or no chin means a weak, incomplete personality, one that juts out would mean a stubborn, uncompromising qualities. It is quite unfair, but that little feature on your face has several such labels attached to it. Depending on how affected you are by your chin, you could opt for a Chin Augmentation procedure.

This rather simple cosmetic surgery procedure can alter the way you look, and can change the perceptions others have of you.

Medical terms, Mentoplasty and Genioplasty mean reduction or enhancement of a chin. A chin can be reduced or added to, depending on the need of that specific feature. Its height can be reduced or rounded by Osteotomy, or a chin can be enhanced using implants.

Implants are available in various shapes, sizes and materials. Depending on the chin in question and the need of the face, the surgeon will determine the most perfect chin implant to go with your face contours.

Options available include making your chin stronger, wider, or even longer, to give your face a suitable shape.

Techniques and procedures

Often, Dr Prince suggest chin augmentation along with Rhinoplasty, to give the face a balanced look.

To begin with, an incision will be made. Most often, the tiny incision is made under the chin, through which solid silicone implants are inserted. When using other implants made of biocompatible material, the incision is made inside the mouth. To make the implant fit well, your surgeon may decide to fix it to some soft tissue or bone. Once the surgeon is completely satisfied with the fit of the implant, he will close the incision, completing the 30 to 45 minute chin augmentation surgery. In case there are more procedures accompanying chin augmentation, the time spent in surgery will be longer, depending on what else has to be done.

Time Required1 Hours
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia, Sometime General Anesthesia
Pain LevelMild to Moderate Well Managed With Medications
ResultMajor Difference Visible Immediately Final Result 1 to 2 Months
DietSoft Diet Initial 2 to 3 Days
Hospital StayDay Care Surgery
Flyback2-3 Days
Satisfaction RateMore than 95%
Complication RateLess than 1 to 2%
Chin Surgery Cost Thrissur, Kerala, India50000 to 80000 INR
Non Surgical Chin Augmentation Cost25000 to 50000 INR

f you are hesitant with going for a surgery, we offer non-surgical options like:

1. Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers provide immediate results but only last about six months. During that time, patients often decide if they’d prefer to make their results long-lasting by choosing to undergo chin implants or genioplasty.  Patients may also choose to allow the temporary results from the dermal fillers to fade, returning their facial profile to its original appearance.

2. Fat Injections:

Fat injections provide similar results as dermal fillers. Fat is harvested from the other body area by liposuction. The harvested fat cells are then re-injected into targeted areas of your chin to achieve the best aesthetic results.

3. Limitations of Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation:

These process are non-invasive and show results immediately, but there are certain limitations for such procedures too:

  • Temporary results- lasts up to 9-12 months
  • Only effective in doing minor changes
  • Cannot fix every problem
  • Often done along with surgery for desired results.

Fortunately, when an experienced surgeon has appropriately analysed the chin problem and reviewed the patient, genioplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis with few complications.

  • Nerve injury: nerve injured during the incision. (rare)
  • The mandibular tooth roots can be injured during the osteotomy or screw placement.
  • Hematomas
  • Inadequate genial fixation will result in either relapse or asymmetries. We avoid this complication by ensuring satisfactory lag screw fixation on the table rather than relying on postoperative dressings and body healing.
  • Infection of surgical site
  • Prolonged bleeding
  • Numbness: nerve injury can lead to permanent or temporary numbness