Our Commitment : Make Your Cosmetic Surgery Safe and Comfortable

Cosmetic Surgery in India

India provides you with a large number of highly qualified medical professionals and state-of-the art medical facilities. You get a world class medical facility at one third the cost compared to western world. People around the globe are travelling to India for their surgeries and treatments. Medical tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors in the healthcare industry, with almost 200% increase expected by 2020 (before pandemic).

India is a one of the fastest growing economies providing safe and easy transportation. Beside local language you get easy support in English which adds to your comfort. People around India are very friendly and known for hospitality.

The concept of “cosmetic vacation” i.e. intermingling your trip for cosmetic surgery with a vacation, is very popular for people around India and across the world.  India is some vast county rich in cultural heritage, history and natural beauty. One can see ancient and modern wonders of the world.

Why choose Dr Prince, plastic and cosmetic surgeon  for cosmetic surgery?

There are lots of anxiety when you make travel plan and more so when you plan travel for any medical treatment. We provide unmatched service to make your cosmetic surgery  travel most comfortable We are committed that you get best value for your time and money

Patient Care Coordinator:

Patient care coordinator will always be on call to guide you throughout the whole process. and will be completely dedicated for your experience with us, from planning to recovery. S/HE will be familiar with your case and will make sure that you are comfortable all the time. We are committed to your transformative journey from “fine to fabulous“ a memorable  experience.

All information received will be treated as strictly confidential.

Our patient care coordinator will contact you in 12 hours. They will provide you all the general information regarding the procedure of your interest. Once you are satisfied you can ask for your treatment plan

  • Fill up the Pre-Consultation form
  • Describe your concern
  • Mention your medical history or previous treatment if any in detail. Submit good quality photographs of the area of concern along with it.
  • Complete detail is necessary for proper assessment of your concern and to formulate the best possible surgical treatment with utmost safety.

Know Your Transformation Journey

After real time virtual consultation, we will give you transparent quotation.

Our Package Covers

  • The Surgical Procedure
  • Cosmetic surgeon Dr. PRINCE
  • Anaesthesiologist charges
  • Hospital facility: operation theatre and up to two-day stay charges
  • All medical consumables during the surgery
  • All the Pre and Post-Operative Consultations
  • Pick up from airport or railway station on arrival

You will get the most transparent quotation. It is an all-inclusive quotation in detail as there is no hidden cost.

The Investment for Your Confident Life

One must be physically fit and in his/her optimum health before going for any surgery. We will give you the list of all the investigations (fitness tests) required. You can get it done in your home city before booking for travel. It saves your time during the trip. Make sure you discuss your physical fitness and other preoperative preparations required to make your experience a safe and smooth one. You can do all the tests after arriving in Thrissur, India as well. It may take one or two additional days depending on your associated medical and physical health.

VISA assistance

You cannot do cosmetic surgery in India on tourist VISA. Medical visa is compulsory.  For people coming from outside India, we also provide assistance in getting a visa for medical treatment. Our team is well informed and educated with all the changing rules and regulations to guide you through it.

You can apply online visa  at https://www.india-visa-gov.in/visa

Addressing travel related problems

There are many fears linked to travelling. Our patient care coordinator is always a phone call away. We are there for you to guide all your travel related issues so that you can have a tension free journey ahead. Our staff can guide you with a favorable weather condition and time for the travel, for booking your tickets, nearby hotel stays and other recreational activities. (not included in the treatment cost). Discuss your recovery in advance with the doctor, your patient care coordinator will help you in planning your vacation accordingly.

Following receipt of your payment, or following the receipt of your flight ticket, we will send you the schedule of your surgery and program of your trip. Our team is pleased to help you to plan your visit to Thrissur attractions.

  • You can choose option of paying after personal consultation with Dr Prince.
  • Payment can be done by depositing directly in our bank account also.
  • You can do a bank transfer as well.  We accept all master and visa cards
  • Please inform your bank in advance to avoid last moment troubles.
  • Our patient care coordinator will provide all necessary bank detail

Cochin is well connected with all the major cities of India as well as the world. It has domestic and international airports and is also connected extensively by railways and roadways. Thrissur is just 53 km away from international airport

  • Pick up and drop facilities

Our patient care coordinator will be responsible for booking a cab for you (at nominal price) to pick and drop to your destination. All your bookings will be well taken care of once you provide us with your travelling details. (At a nominal cost)

When you arrive at the airport, our driver will be waiting for you at the exit door of the airport (Photograph and Contact Number Will Be Provided in Advance) and we will take you to Elite Hospital, Thrissur.

Dr Prince is an Indian board certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon. He is passionate about cosmetic surgery and well versed with the latest in the field.

He is a very approachable doctor. You can tell your concerns freely. He examines you thoroughly.

He will suggest a tailor made plan for you and discuss it and out with you. He believes in educating you .

We believe in being completely honest and transparent with you. Our quotation is very transparent and 99 % match the real cost. Our patient’s testimonials are proof of our commitment and transparency.

You are free to decide if you want to go ahead with the surgery or not.

Consulting Fee is INR 1000.

Click here to know more about Board certified surgeon Dr.PRINCE

If you haven’t done your fitness check-up at home, your fitness test and the special test will be completed. It takes one working day. At the hospital staff will advise you to get ready for the surgery.

Follows all protocol for safe medical care AND well equipped to tackle medical emergency

We follow medical protocol very strictly. Our surgical facility at Elite hospital Is NABH certified which is a stamp of our commitment for delivering unmatched quality care.

NABH Accreditation

Cosmetic surgery center is well equipped with the latest cosmetic surgery armamentarium.

Before starting surgery, Dr. Prince will again discuss the surgery plan with you and address all your concerns. After surgery, you will be shifted to a room for a comfortable recovery. You will under the observation of our medical team and caring.

You will be discharged in a day or two, depending on the extent of the surgery. You can plan to stay an extra day at the hospital or book hotel nearby; our patient care coordinator will be there to guide you.

The first few days after surgery are the most important for smooth recovery. Please follow post-recovery instruction for a smooth recovery. Dr prince and team is just a phone call away and the hospital is 24*7 working for your safety.

During post-surgical appointments cosmetic surgeon Dr. Prince will check your general condition and ensure that you are healing well.

Most of the time, it is absorbable and stitches don’t need the removal.

We provide quality hospital stay too. If you are willing to stay at hospital to avoid local commuting, we will be delighted to book a room for you.

Our doctors and entire staff strongly believe in providing you a service that is both comfortable and memorable. Our staff is highly empathetic and dedicated to give you that homely feel throughout the complete process. and are always there to solve your problems

Once your general condition is satisfactory, Dr. Prince will give his authorization so that you may return to your country.

  • Our Driver will drop you at the airport from the hospital


Dr Prince and his team keep in touch with you even though you have been returned to your country so, Recovery depends from patient to patient. You will be taught about instructions that you need to follow after your surgery. You can always send us photos, schedule a video call with us or simply just call away if you need any guidance with following those instructions.

  • we are committed to making your journey from “fine to fabulous” and a memorable one!

We tried to explain elaborately about the medical tourism scene in Mumbai, but an article may not be sufficient for all your queries. Please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to serve you.