Everybody dreams of a perfect body. And if you are someone who has a decent shape, having a sculpted look of a Greek statue is the biggest dream. But getting this shape takes a lot of dedication and hard work. It involves hours of training in the gym, multiple types of diets and sometimes even periods of dehydration -especially if you are a model & you are preparing for a shoot or a competition.

Maintaining such a rigorous schedule will definitely take its toll on your body. The repeated cycles of workouts, dieting and dehydration will definitely bring out your sculpted muscles in your abdomen, but the same process will also burn away a good quantity of fat and drain away the moisture from your face too. And when you face the camera you will end up with a good body but a tired and malnourished look on your face. There is also another group of people who despite years of training are not able to reveal their “Six Packs” because of a thicker layer of fat that is adherent to the skin.

Both these category of people are ideal for what is called as the ”SIX PACK” or ABDOMINAL ETCHING PROCEDURE. Dr Prince, Plastic & Cosmetic surgeon have perfected this technique that helps you bring out your perfect physique and at the same time preserve that charm and glow on your face.

Abdominal etching is a body liposculpting procedure that involves liposuction of the regular abdominal fat followed by extensive liposuction of the fat attached to the skin along the lines that would define your abdominal muscles.

People who work out regularly and have a defined core muscle structure with very limited fat or people who have limited abdominal fat and are working on their abs become good candidates for this procedure.
It is a daycare procedure done under General Anesthesia. The first part i.e., the regular liposuction is done using 3mm or 4mm cannulas while the second half that involves liposuction of the skin fat is done using 2mm fine cannulas. The results are visible in just a few weeks unlike regular liposuction that takes a few months.

Similar etching procedures are available for women who want a flat sculpted look of the abdomen. Others areas in the body where etching or liposculpting is done include your arm muscles (triceps), chest, buttock and calves.

The pre-operative requisites, postoperative sequence of events and advice for abdominal etching are similar to those of liposuction and can be found in our liposuction page along with FAQ’s.

abdominal etching