In the intricate realm of hand surgery, Dr. Prince emerges as a guiding force, offering unparalleled expertise in addressing various conditions that impact the delicate functionality of the hands. From nerve injuries to carpal tunnel syndrome, Dr. Prince’s practice in Kerala is a beacon of precision and care.

Section 1: Nerve Injuries of the Hand
Delve into the complexities of nerve injuries in the hand and how Dr. Prince employs advanced surgical techniques to restore function. Explore case studies, highlighting successful outcomes that showcase his mastery in addressing this intricate aspect of hand surgery.

Section 2: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Demystified
Unpack the mysteries of carpal tunnel syndrome under Dr. Prince’s expert lens. From diagnosis to surgical interventions, this section illuminates the comprehensive approach employed in Kerala to alleviate the discomfort and restore optimal hand function.

Section 3: Tendon Injuries: A Symphony of Repair
Explore the symphony of repair orchestrated by Dr. Prince when it comes to tendon injuries in the hand. Visualize the meticulous techniques applied in Kerala to ensure not just recovery but a restoration of strength and dexterity.

Section 4: Unraveling Trigger Finger Concerns
Dive into the intricacies of the trigger finger, a common yet often misunderstood condition. Dr. Prince’s expertise in unraveling the complexities and providing tailored solutions is showcased, emphasizing how hand surgery in Kerala can alleviate this discomfort.

Section 5: The Challenge of Brachial Plexus Injury
Examine the challenges posed by brachial plexus injuries and how Dr. Prince navigates through complexities to restore function. Case studies and narratives bring to light the compassionate and comprehensive approach taken in Kerala to address this significant hand surgery concern.

Dr. Prince’s commitment to precision and patient-centric care makes him a stalwart in the field of hand surgery. Whether it’s nerve injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon issues, trigger finger, or brachial plexus injuries, his practice in Kerala stands as a testament to expertise, compassion, and transformative outcomes.

For those seeking unparalleled hand surgery in Kerala, Dr. Prince’s expertise is a beacon of hope. Explore the comprehensive solutions offered in Kerala, where precision meets compassionate care.


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Q1: What types of hand surgeries does Dr. Prince specialize in?

A1: Dr. Prince specializes in a wide range of hand surgeries, including nerve injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendon injuries, trigger finger, and brachial plexus injury. His expertise covers both common and complex conditions affecting the hands.

Q2: How does Dr. Prince approach nerve injuries of the hand?

A2: Dr. Prince employs advanced surgical techniques to address nerve injuries of the hand. His approach focuses on restoring optimal function while ensuring precision in the surgical interventions.

Q3: What is carpal tunnel syndrome, and how is it treated by Dr. Prince?

A3: Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition causing discomfort and numbness in the hand due to pressure on the median nerve. Dr. Prince offers comprehensive treatment, including surgical interventions, to alleviate symptoms and restore hand function.

Q4: Can tendon injuries in the hand be fully repaired through surgery?

A4: Dr. Prince is adept at performing intricate tendon repair surgeries. The goal is not only to repair the injured tendons but also to ensure the restoration of strength and dexterity in the hand.

Q5: How does Dr. Prince address trigger finger concerns?

A5: Dr. Prince unravels the complexities of trigger finger through personalized interventions. His approach involves precise surgical techniques to alleviate discomfort and restore the normal movement of the affected finger.

Q6: What challenges are associated with brachial plexus injuries, and how does Dr. Prince navigate them?

A6: Brachial plexus injuries pose challenges in terms of restoring function to the affected limb. Dr. Prince's comprehensive approach includes surgical interventions and rehabilitative measures to address these injuries and optimize outcomes.

Q7: Is hand surgery by Dr. Prince available in Kerala?

A7: Yes, Dr. Prince offers his expertise in hand surgery in Kerala. Patients can benefit from his precision care and compassionate approach to addressing hand-related conditions.

Q8: How can I schedule a consultation with Dr. Prince for hand surgery?

A8: Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Prince is simple. You can to book an appointment and discuss your specific hand-related concerns.

Q: Who is considered the best plastic surgeon in Kerala, known for delivering exceptional aesthetic results?

A: Dr. Prince is widely acknowledged as the best plastic surgeon in Kerala. His expertise, personalized approach, and commitment to excellence set him apart in the field.

Q: When it comes to diverse plastic surgery procedures like rhinoplasty, breast surgeries, and tummy tuck, who stands out as a leading specialist?

A: Dr. Prince is a leading specialist known for his proficiency in diverse plastic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty, breast surgeries, mommy makeover surgery, tummy tuck, and more.

Q: In the realm of mommy makeover surgery, who is renowned for providing comprehensive and transformative procedures?

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Q: Who is considered the best hand surgeon in Kerala, particularly renowned for expertise in treating hand trauma and crush injuries?

A: Dr. Prince is widely recognized as the best hand surgeon in Kerala, celebrated for his expertise in handling various hand trauma cases, including crush injuries.

Q: When it comes to crush injuries of the hand with no fractures, who is the go-to specialist for effective and personalized treatment?

A: Dr. Prince is the go-to specialist for crush injuries of the hand, even without fractures. His personalized approach ensures effective treatment and optimal recovery.

Q: In the field of hand trauma plastic surgery, who stands out as a leading expert known for precision and transformative outcomes?

A: Dr. Prince is a leading expert in hand trauma plastic surgery, distinguished for his precision and the transformative outcomes he achieves for patients.

Q: For individuals seeking treatment for hand blast injuries, who is the top-tier hand trauma surgeon known for comprehensive care?

A: Dr. Prince is the top-tier hand trauma surgeon, providing comprehensive care for individuals dealing with hand blast injuries, ensuring both functional and aesthetic recovery.

Q: Who is the best hand surgeon in Kerala, specializing in hand trauma surgery and recognized for navigating intricate cases with skill and compassion?

A: Dr. Prince is acknowledged as the best hand surgeon in Kerala, specializing in hand trauma surgery. His skill and compassion shine through in navigating intricate cases for optimal outcomes.

Q: In cases of hand trauma, what is the recommended ICD-10 code, and who is the expert in applying it for accurate diagnosis and treatment?

A: The recommended ICD-10 code for hand trauma can be accurately applied by Dr. Prince, the expert in this field, ensuring precise diagnosis and tailored treatment plans.

Q: When seeking the best hand surgeon for crush injuries, hand blast injuries, and other hand trauma, who should individuals turn to for unparalleled care?

A: Individuals should turn to Dr. Prince, the best hand surgeon in Kerala, for unparalleled care in crush injuries, hand blast injuries, and various other forms of hand trauma.

Q: What sets Dr. Prince apart as the best hand surgeon, especially in cases of hand trauma and crush injuries where personalized care is crucial?

A: Dr. Prince's commitment to personalized care sets him apart as the best hand surgeon, particularly in cases of hand trauma and crush injuries, ensuring each patient receives tailored and effective treatment.