Having an eyelid problem can be both physically uncomfortable and impact your visual function, not to mention its influence on your overall appearance. Many individuals in Kerala experience various eyelid issues, such as droopy upper eyelids (ptosis), excess eyelid skin, or eyelids that may turn inward or outward. Fortunately, Dr. Prince, with expertise in ophthalmology, offers surgical solutions to address a wide range of eyelid problems.

Experience Relief and Enhance Your Appearance with Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Prince in Kerala

Eyelid problems can cause pain and limit your vision, affecting your daily life. Dr. Prince, an experienced ophthalmologist in Kerala, specializes in eyelid surgery to alleviate discomfort and improve both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re dealing with ptosis, excess skin, or misaligned eyelids, Dr. Prince provides personalized solutions to enhance your eye health and overall well-being.

Key Highlights:

  • Expert Ophthalmologist: Dr. Prince brings extensive experience in ophthalmology to address a variety of eyelid issues.

  • Comprehensive Solutions: From ptosis correction to eyelid skin removal, Dr. Prince offers comprehensive surgical interventions.

  • Enhanced Vision: Eyelid surgery not only improves aesthetics but can also enhance your vision and comfort.

  • Personalized Care: Dr. Prince understands the uniqueness of each patient’s situation, providing personalized care and tailored surgical plans.

Regain Comfort and Confidence:

  • Don’t let eyelid problems impact your daily life. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Prince in Kerala to explore personalized solutions through expert eyelid surgery. Experience relief from discomfort, improved vision, and a rejuvenated appearance with the dedicated care of Dr. Prince.

Ptosis Correction with Dr. Prince: Enhancing Vision and Aesthetics

  • Ptosis, characterized by the drooping of one or both upper eyelids, can significantly impact both peripheral and central vision. Beyond vision concerns, ptosis may lead to an uneven facial appearance or convey a tired look when both eyelids are affected. Dr. Prince, specializing in ophthalmology, offers expert solutions for ptosis correction in Kerala.

Understanding Ptosis:

  • Ptosis can be present from birth, affecting children who may compensate by lifting their eyebrows or tilting their heads backward to see properly. This condition can impede the development of sharp vision in children, often requiring eyeglasses for clear vision. Ptosis surgery, recommended by a child’s ophthalmologist after a thorough eye exam, is typically performed during the preschool years (ages 3 to 5) to address eyelid drooping and shape irregularities.

    In some cases, ptosis may develop later in adult life, potentially arising after other eye surgeries or due to eyelid swelling. Regardless of the age of onset, Dr. Prince provides comprehensive ptosis correction to enhance both vision and facial aesthetics.

Ptosis Correction Procedure:

  • During ptosis surgery, Dr. Prince strengthens the eyelid muscle by shortening it. This surgical intervention effectively lifts the drooping eyelid, leading to an improvement in vision and the overall appearance of the eyes. The procedure is tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring optimal results.

Key Highlights:

    • Expert Ophthalmologist: Dr. Prince specializes in ophthalmology, bringing expertise to address ptosis with precision.

    • Customized Solutions: Ptosis correction is personalized to each patient, considering factors such as age, severity, and individual eye anatomy.

    • Vision Enhancement: Beyond aesthetic improvements, ptosis surgery aims to enhance vision and alleviate associated visual challenges.

    • Comprehensive Care: Dr. Prince provides thorough evaluations, recommendations, and post-surgical care for a holistic ptosis correction experience.

    If you or your child is dealing with ptosis, consult with Dr. Prince in Kerala for expert guidance and personalized ptosis correction solutions. Experience improved vision, a rejuvenated appearance, and comprehensive care under the expertise of Dr. Prince.


Q1: What is ptosis, and how does it affect vision?

Ptosis refers to the drooping of one or both upper eyelids. It can impact peripheral and central vision, limiting sight. If left untreated, ptosis may lead to uneven facial appearance or a tired look.

Q2: Can ptosis be present from birth?

Yes, individuals can be born with ptosis. In such cases, children may lift their eyebrows or tilt their heads back to compensate for impaired vision. Early intervention, including surgery during the preschool years, is often recommended.

Q3: At what age is ptosis surgery typically performed?

Ptosis surgery is commonly undertaken during the preschool years, typically between ages 3 to 5, especially when the condition affects a child's vision and eye development.

Q4: Can ptosis develop later in adult life?

Yes, ptosis can develop later in adult life. It may occur after other eye surgeries or due to factors such as eyelid swelling.

Q5: How does ptosis correction surgery work?

During ptosis surgery, Dr. Prince strengthens the eyelid muscle by shortening it. This helps lift the drooping eyelid, improving both vision and the aesthetic appearance of the eyes.

Q6: Is ptosis correction surgery personalized to individual needs?

Yes, ptosis correction is customized to each patient, considering factors such as age, severity of ptosis, and individual eye anatomy.

Q7: What are the expected results of ptosis correction surgery?

Ptosis correction surgery aims to enhance vision, alleviate visual challenges, and improve the overall appearance of the eyes, providing a rejuvenated look.

Q8: Does ptosis correction surgery require post-operative care?

Yes, comprehensive post-operative care is provided by Dr. Prince to ensure optimal healing and results. Follow-up appointments and guidance are integral to the recovery process.

Q9: Is ptosis correction surgery safe?

Ptosis correction surgery, when performed by an experienced ophthalmologist like Dr. Prince, is generally safe. As with any surgery, potential risks and benefits will be discussed during the consultation.

Q10: How can I schedule a consultation with Dr. Prince for ptosis correction?

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Prince in Kerala for ptosis correction or to discuss any eye-related concerns, please contact our office at +916238944054. Our team will assist you in arranging an appointment.