Are you or your child facing the challenge of prominent ears? Maybe you’ve been searching for the best solution in India. Look no further than Dr. Prince, a renowned plastic surgeon specializing in otoplasty at the Sushrutha Institute of Plastic Surgery, located within Elite Hospital, Thrissur. Dr. Prince combines extensive experience, international training, and a passion for personalized care to deliver exceptional results for patients seeking to correct prominent ears through otoplasty.


Dr. Prince discussing otoplasty with a patient

Prominent ears, often referred to as “bat ears” or “protruding ears,” can be a source of self-consciousness and impact self-esteem, especially in children. Otoplasty, a surgical procedure aimed at reshaping and repositioning the ears closer to the head, offers a safe and effective solution. Dr. Prince understands the sensitivity surrounding aesthetic procedures, particularly for children, and approaches each case with compassion and expertise.


Dr. Prince’s journey to becoming a leading figure in plastic surgery began with rigorous training and education. He completed his medical graduation from Armed Forces Medical College, Pune, followed by MS General Surgery from Government Medical College, Kozhikkode. His specialization in MCh Plastic Surgery from Madras Medical College further honed his skills, preparing him to handle complex cases with precision and care.


State-of-the-art otoplasty facility at Sushrutha Institute of Plastic Surgery

What sets Dr. Prince apart is not only his credentials but also his commitment to personalized patient care. At the Sushrutha Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Prince ensures that every patient receives individualized attention from consultation to recovery. He believes in thorough communication, understanding each patient’s unique concerns and aesthetic goals to tailor a treatment plan that best suits their needs.


Dr. Prince’s expertise in otoplasty extends beyond technical proficiency; it includes a deep understanding of facial aesthetics and proportions. Whether it’s correcting prominent ears in children or adults, he strives for natural-looking results that harmonize with the rest of the face. His approach combines artistic sensibility with surgical precision, ensuring not only aesthetic enhancement but also functional improvement where necessary.


Patients from all over India and beyond choose Dr. Prince for his reputation and track record of successful outcomes. He has treated over 5000 patients, including international cases from the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and other countries. This diverse experience underscores his ability to cater to a wide range of aesthetic preferences and cultural backgrounds.

Patient before and after otoplasty by Dr. Prince

Choosing the right surgeon for otoplasty is crucial for achieving the desired results. Dr. Prince’s affiliations with prestigious institutions such as Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge and St. Andrews Centre for Plastic Surgery in the UK have enriched his practice with global insights and advanced techniques. His fellowship training in Hand and Microsurgery and Breast Aesthetic surgery further enhances his skill set, ensuring comprehensive care for every patient.


At the Sushrutha Institute of Plastic Surgery, patients can expect state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive environment conducive to healing and recovery. Dr. Prince and his team prioritize patient safety and comfort throughout the surgical journey, from initial consultation through post-operative care. This holistic approach fosters trust and confidence, making each patient’s experience positive and empowering.


Dr. Prince performing otoplasty surgery

If you’re considering otoplasty for yourself or a loved one, Dr. Prince offers consultations to discuss treatment options, expectations, and any concerns you may have. His dedication to continuing education ensures that he remains at the forefront of cosmetic surgery advancements, providing patients with the most innovative and effective solutions available.


Choosing Dr. Prince for otoplasty means choosing expertise, compassion, and a commitment to excellence. His passion for helping patients achieve natural-looking results is evident in every aspect of his practice. Whether you’re seeking to correct prominent ears in a child or enhance your own facial harmony, Dr. Prince and the team at Sushrutha Institute of Plastic Surgery are here to guide you on your journey to confidence and renewed self-esteem.


Contact Elite Hospital at 0487-2436100 or reach out via WhatsApp at +916238944054 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Prince today. Take the first step toward achieving the best otoplasty results in India with a surgeon you can trust. Your journey to beautifully shaped ears starts here.


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Image of Dr. Prince, renowned as the Best breast implant Surgeon in India, showcasing expertise and commitment to aesthetic excellence.

Who is considered the best for otoplasty - prominent ear in India?

Dr. Prince at Sushrutha Institute of Plastic Surgery, Elite Hospital, Thrissur, Kerala, is widely recognized for his expertise in otoplasty, consistently delivering excellent results.


What makes Dr. Prince the top choice for otoplasty in India?

Dr. Prince combines extensive experience, international training, and a commitment to personalized care, ensuring natural-looking outcomes tailored to each patient's needs.


Is Dr. Prince highly rated by the public for otoplasty - prominent ear procedures?

Yes, Dr. Prince has garnered praise from numerous patients for his skillful approach and compassionate patient care in correcting prominent ears.


What are the benefits of choosing Dr. Prince for otoplasty?

Patients benefit from Dr. Prince's advanced surgical techniques, attention to aesthetic detail, and a comprehensive understanding of facial harmony.

How can I schedule a consultation with Dr. Prince?

You can schedule a consultation by contacting Elite Hospital at +(91) 6238944054 (WhatsApp) or calling 0487-2436100.


What can I expect during my initial consultation with Dr. Prince?

During your consultation, Dr. Prince will discuss your concerns, evaluate your condition, and provide personalized recommendations for otoplasty treatment.


Does Dr. Prince offer virtual consultations for otoplasty patients outside of Thrissur?

Yes, Dr. Prince provides virtual consultations to accommodate patients from various locations, ensuring accessibility and convenience.


How long does the recovery process typically take after otoplasty?

Recovery times can vary, but Dr. Prince and his team provide detailed post-operative care instructions to promote healing and optimal results.


Are there financing options available for otoplasty procedures with Dr. Prince?

Elite Hospital may offer financing options to help patients manage the cost of otoplasty. It's advisable to inquire during your consultation.


What should I consider before choosing otoplasty with Dr. Prince?

Before undergoing otoplasty, discuss your expectations, potential risks, and recovery process with Dr. Prince to make an informed decision about your treatment.