What is Microtia Surgery for Ear?

The purpose of this site is to create awareness amongst parents & relatives of our young patients about the possibility of their child having an ear which is “normal” in appearance. This is possible using the patient’s own rib cartilage.

About Microtia

Reconstruction of an absent or damaged external ear is considered to be one of the most difficult surgeries in the entire spectrum of reconstructive plastic surgery. This needs a very intricate planning and attention to detail with the ability to visualise the ear in its three-dimensions. No wonder the Plastic surgeons who have mastered this art can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

The best material for reconstructing a new ear is the soft portion of the rib called cartilage. This is your own tissue so there is no danger of rejection and very less chance of infection. The artificial materials currently available, such as porous polyethylene and silicone suffer from acute and late rejection, infection and exposure, making them the less preferred choice in ear reconstruction.

Before Ear Surgery. The ideal age for undergoing the surgery for reconstructing an absent external ear is 9 years and above since after this age, the opposite (normal) ear does not grow in size and the rib cartilage is of adequate size to form a complete ear framework.

The surgery is done in two stages. In the first stage the entire framework of the ear is created and inserted in the appropriate area on the side of the head. The ear looks complete from sideways but it lacks a sulcus. This sulcus behind the ear is created in the second stage, between 3-6 months after the first stage.

The patient needs to be in the hospital for 3-4 days for the first stage and 4-5 days for the second stage. We have special packages for patients travelling from outside Kerala or from abroad and will be happy to help needy patients with special needs.